The Complete Guide to Picuki Instagram Viewer

How Picuki Functions

Any web browser can be used to access the web-based programme Picuki. Without having an Instagram account, users can view Instagram profiles and posts. This is how it goes:

1.Visit the Picuki website here: Visit the Picuki website at to begin using it.
2.Input your username: Once you are on the Picuki website, a search box will be visible. Click the search button after entering the username of the Instagram account you want to access.

3.View the profile: The Picuki app will show you the desired Instagram profile when you input the username and click the search button. From here, you can look at the account’s followers as well as all of its posts and stories.

4.View post insights: Picuki offers post insights, such as the quantity of shares, comments, and favourites. Additionally, who tagged a profile and the posts that were tagged. you may view

5.Unfollow list: One of Picuki’s unique features is the ability to see who unfollowed a particular account.
6.In general, Picuki is an easy-to-use tool that anyone with an internet connection may utilise. It offers an enjoyable and interesting method to browse Instagram posts and profiles without requiring an Instagram account.

What This App Displays

In addition to the fundamental capability of browsing Instagram profiles and posts, Picuki contains a number of distinctive features. These features are intended to enhance the user experience. The capability to view who has unfollowed you is one of the features that stands out. It enable users to keep track of the expansion of their following and alter their content strategy as necessary.

Users of this app can also see who has viewed their Instagram profiles and posts, which helps them determine who is engaging with their material. Users may also see who has saved their posts. That post can offer insightful information about the kinds of content that are most appealing to their followers.

Is Picuki a mobile application?

This is a web-based programme that can be used using any web browser rather than a mobile app. This indicates that it can be utilised on any device, including desktop, laptop, and mobile ones.Although Picuki does not have a standalone app. There are other options on the app store that offer comparable features.

The privacy of Picuki

Picuki is a helpful tool for people who wish to access Instagram profiles and posts without having an Instagram account. one of the reasons is that the app is a completely independent business with distinct user data rules and practices since it is not owned or connected to Instagram

Furthermore, it is unknown how it gathers and utilises the data it acquires because the software uses Instagram’s API to access open data.
It is important to be aware that you are prohibited from scraping data from Instagram’s website.

Instagram has also taken action against websites and applications that disobey its terms of service by blocking access or disabling accounts. Therefore, it is essential to be careful with the data you provide online, including private and personal information, as well as the apps you use to access it.

Although it has been a helpful software for exploring and seeing Instagram posts and profiles. Picuki Instagram Viewer users should be aware of the potential privacy. Always use caution when disclosing personal information online, And  keep up with the terms of service and privacy policies of any third-party services you use.



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