Amanda C Reilly Cancer Scam: Check full facts here

amanda c reilly, Former North California teacher, principal, and blogger Amanda Reilly is currently doing time in jail. According to sources, San Jose-based blogger Amanda Reilly deceived her readers by lying about having cancer for a number of years. In 2012, Amanda began her blog and stated that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a lymphatic system disease. According to accounts, she conned a number of people out of more than $100,000 to pay for her cancer treatment. It was discovered later that Amanda never had cancer.

Amanda Reilly Blogger Cancer

After it was discovered that Amanda Reilly, a blogger, had fabricated a case of cancer in order to solicit donations from the public, she was taken into custody. Through her blog, Amanda first began to deceive others. Online sources state that she also had a support page called “Lymphoma Can Suck It” that was connected to her cancer blog.

When Nancy Moscatiello looked into her cancer and discovered that Amanda wasn’t sick, the con came to an end. She was found guilty of the fraud in October 2021, and in May 2022, she received a five-year prison term for defrauding donors.

Amanda and Cory Reilly Pretend to Have Cancer

Lionsgate Sound published the podcast version of Amanda’s tale. The programme has grown to become a popular podcast. Regarding Amanda’s husband, many people are perplexed. Cory, Amanda’s husband, was cleared of all charges in this case. Currently in Texas, Cory is taking care of his two children. Additionally, Amanda is incarcerated in Texas.

It is unclear if Amanda’s husband Cory was a part of this scam or not because the online sources make no claims against him in this case. According to online websites, the eight-episode Scamanda show season is one of the best shows.

Where to find to Amanda Reilly Cancer Scam podcast?

Scamanda is the moniker of Amanda’s scam podcast. Lionsgate Sound published the programme on the Apple podcast. On May 15, 2023, the first episode of this podcast was made available. This podcast has eight episodes in all, plus a few bonus ones. Ratings for the Scamanda podcast are 4.7.

In a nutshell

Amanda Reilly was detained in 2022 and is currently incarcerated, to sum up this piece. For more information about Amanda Reilly, go to this website.


Q1. Who is Amanda Reilly?

Ans. San Jose-based blogger Amanda Reilly, a former teacher and principal, was detained in May 2022.

Q2. What did Amanda Reilly do?

Ans. Amanda Reilly lied about having cancer for seven years while bilking her supporters out of thousands of dollars.

Q3. Where is Amanda Reilly now?

Ans. In May 2022, Amanda received a 5-year prison term for fabricating a cancer diagnosis and obtaining funds for a cancer cure by tricking others.

4. How much money did Amanda Reilly make off of her cancer scam?

Ans. Amanda Reilly collected around $105,513 through her fake cancer scam.

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